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Our retreats are immersive experiences held within the wild beauty of nature, curated to bring forth profound self-exploration, connection and transformation.

To come together to explore, unlearn, feel, peel and return to ourselves.

A chance to remember what we are made of, and why we are here.

LUNA: Awaken the Feminine

A gathering dedicated to Women

This Journey is for any woman who wants to explore her relationship to her feminine: to enliven her sensuality, explore deeper layers of her being, celebrate her aliveness and find trust in herself.


A gathering dedicated to Men & Women

This Journey is for anyone looking to remove the layers around their hearts, to learn tools for conscious relating, and deepen their understanding towards the other sex.

Prescription for Retreats


This is for you if…

+ You are longing to embrace and honor your feminine essence
+ You are disconnected from your body, unable to trust and let yourself go
+ You keep on finding yourself stuck in the same loop over and over again, and are tired of repeating the same patterns
+ You are suffering from anxiety, overwhelm and stress
+ Fearful to open up and speak your truth
+ You are tired of holding yourself small
+ You want to reconnect to your confidence and power
+ You desire to meet other women on the same path and be part of a collective of changemakers
+ You want to unite in song, dance, laughter and let gratitude be our prayer


This is for you if…

+ You are ready to apply the merits of your Inner-work and merge with the masculine on a quest of conscious relating: one based on mutual worship, radical honesty and commitment to growth
+ You want to remove your fears around intimacy and learn to consciously communicate
+ You want to finally share a journey with your partner, and together expand
+ You want to learn the tools of conscious sexuality  and deepen your intimate connection with your partner in a fun and playful way
+ You are single but want to learn the tools for healthy partnership to call in the right partner

upcoming retreats

Luna Love Costa Rica

Zunya, Costa Rica | Nov 30 - Dec 6

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Is this retreat for me?


If you are open, willing and excited to explore new corners of your being, you are in the right place.

The beauty of La Luna is that we are a collective of teachers, creatives, artists and changemakers.
We transmit many different practices and tools from real life experience and traditions.
We do not believe in any spiritual dogma.
We walk the path of the heart, and our transmissions aim to get us out of the mind and into the body.
A stance of presence and love.

With offering a diversity, we ensure that you will be able to find practices that truly resonate with you, that you then will be able to deepen after the retreat.

We believe that evolution happens in community.
If you are longing to be an environment of realness, surrounded by other humans who are devoted to the path of expansion.
This is your place!

I have done so many retreats, how do I know if this one will be impactful and not be another escape?


Moments of true expansion stay with us for the rest of our life’s.
We call them glimpses of light, moments of utter bliss and peace.
They give us strength in moments when life is difficult.
The memory as much as pain is deeply engraved in our cells.
It is absolutely human that we don’t stay in this state of high all the time.
But without tasting it, we don’t know what is possible.

All the tools and practices we transmit are a form of self-empowerment,
when we use them on a regular basis we are no longer victims of our emotions, but have the power to elevate ourselves.
This means that in moments of suffering we have the tools and courage to lean in.
To feel, rather than to suppress.
To not hold onto our pain, but become free.

This openness towards life and ourselves is not an escape, it rather is the door to freedom & love.

Obviously it is up to each individual person to continue to practice.
That’s why we believe it is important to be part of a community, to continue to motivate each other and practice new healthy habits.
Out of that reason we  founded La Luna Community, to help you integrate after our retreat experiences.

Do I have to be experienced to participate?


The beauty of La Luna is that it meets you wherever you are in your journey.
Whether you are totally new and want to dive in, or for a long-time on the path and are longing to drop deeper and refresh your practice.
All you need is to be ready to show up and commit to yourself. The only requirement is a longing for expansion and freedom.

What age group participates in your retreats?


We had people participate in all different ages, from late teens to their 70s.
We always have the chance to expand no matter how old we are.
We only have to be curious and open to learn new ways!

What is the difference between your Luna Retreat and Luna Love Edition?


What is the sign up process?


What are your Terms & Conditions?


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