la luna retreats

the quest

How can we unleash, feel to the depth of our soul and become unapologetically ourselves?How can we learn to listen within, trust our inner voice and authentically express our truth?

journey into your truth

Our retreats are immersive experiences held within the wild beauty of nature, curated tobring forth profound self-exploration, connection and transformation.

Women come together to explore, unlearn, feel, peel and return to themselves.

In this safe container softness, creativity and the magnitude of the feminine heart is honored.

a journey inspired by nature

Elemental wisdom allows us to cultivate inner perception that incites a journey into wholeness.
We believe in nature as our greatest teacher.










Let Go.



Be Wild.








what is required?

Your courage and openness to meet yourself anew.

upcoming retreats

La Luna: Rise

Coming Soon

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La Luna: Vision

Coming Soon

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La Luna: Blossom

Formentera, Spain | September 17th - 23rd

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La Luna: Initiation

Mexico | November 27th to December 3rd

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La Luna: Love

Bacalar, Mexico | March 14th – 20th

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what other women say

“ I walked into this journey with a lot of deep fear and hurt and a difficulty to receive and be held. I emerged as a strong woman who claimed her power and is walking in her light. 
I will forever cherish this experience and the connections we created. I am excited to plant the seeds given to us this week and see what the road ahead holds. Toda Neshama yafa sheli (thank you my beautiful soul) from the depths of my soul.”


“I can’t even begin to tell you all of the things that have happened since the retreat! . It feels so good. I no longer live with structure. I live with practice. I no longer do what I should. I do what I want. My self-care game is on fire. The retreat was so great for me in terms of the never-ending conversations, straight heart-to-heart shares within minutes of meeting, and the relatability. It was so lovely to just BE with you all”.


“ I’ve been to many good detox retreats all over the world, but I still felt empty and full of anger, fear, and hate.  La Luna Retreat is the FIRST retreat that really changed me and moved something inside me. 
Since leaving, something feels different inside me. I don’t know exactly how or why it happened. Everyone at the retreat helped me A LOT in changing my perspective in life. Now I choose to “choose” love instead of hate, fear and anger… You taught me to feel again.”


“ During the week-long journey, many emotional layers of sadness, grief and shame were shed in order to heal. Together we meditated, reflected, learned tools to forgive, to express ourselves, to create and recreate. To transform and blossom.  

I arrived with a silenced voice and feelings of betrayal. I left Sian Kaan knowing and believing in my sacred feminine, my worth, my essence, my magic and my life purpose: I will tell and embrace my truth and inner voice always.”


“Wow, wow, wow is my feeling about this week. The La Luna Family has created such a safe and magical space for women to heal, grow, open, expand, and know themselves at a greater level. 
I fell in love with myself on this retreat.

My heart was cracked open and light filled all the forgotten parts of my being. Every detail was curated with love. Every moment was more extraordinary than the last and the women became my family."



How will La Luna Retreat help me?


Opening to change and transformation takes tremendous courage and vulnerability. We honor where you are in your process and create the environment to support your unfolding process.

Teachers are present to guide and support you. Our experience shows us that being in the presence of other women is a powerful force of transformation. Together we listen, find confidence and feminine connection.

A sacred container is created to nurture you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Beautiful natural surroundings and nutritious food, set the foundation for carefully curated practices, processes and art forms that allow you to feel, peel and unfurl.

Will I fit in?


Creating an environment of love, acceptance, non-judgement and harmony are fundamental to our values.

It is a natural primal instinct to fear rejection, yet part of the transformative process is understanding that here is nothing to ‘fit’ into. You are a perfect individual, exactly as you should be and we value you as such.

We create a safe and sacred space in order that you may face your insecurities, communicate your fears and find the courage to let go of comparison and self-judgement.

What will I learn?


You will learn through techniques, practices and art forms inspired by the elements:
Through Earth you will learn how to ground, how to rest and the importance of our physical body. You will explore different embodiment practices that allow you to centre and rise such as breath, movement, and Cha Dao (The Way of Tea).

Through Water you will learn what it means to be flexible and receptive. You will move from contraction and rigidity into a more fluid and free expression of yourself through breath, dance, sensual practices and cycle exploration.

Through Fire you will learn how to connect to the source of energy allowing you to call in your intentions to the physical realm. You will learn about manifestation and the connection between your thoughts, emotions and reality through rituals such as Temazcal.

Through Air you will learn to open and connect to a deeper meaning of love and connection.Practices such as Kundalini Yoga, meditation and sound ceremonies will help you expand and experience the Source.

How can I sustain my practice after the retreat?


The retreat will give you access to a depth of practical knowledge that you can continue to deepen and explore at home. We will provide you with the tools and guidance you need to develop and share what you have learnt.

On retreat you will have many opportunities to connect with teachers who can continue to support you on an ongoing basis.

This yearning for continued connection beyond retreat was the spark that ignited the concept ofLa Luna Portal. The Portal is an online membership community where you can continue your journey with us amongst a community of like-minded women.

La Luna Portal