La Luna Portal

A collective of women seeding change (Love & Truth)

A 6-month Mentorship for women ready to embrace their feminine essence and be the future of changemakers
February 2022 – August 2022


Imagine being able to finally implement all the wisdom found during your retreat experiences in your daily life, and feel grounded and centered no matter what’s going on outside…

Imagine falling completely in love with yourself, gaining self-worth, listening to your body, and learning to trust yourself.

Imagine letting go of self-doubt, embracing your gifts, and  stepping into your full power, led by the voice of your heart…


a woman who has the courage to express her truth, even when it is difficult?

a woman who dances with her shadows and light and embraces her totality?

a woman who radiates confidence and oozes love?

a woman who leads with authenticity?

a woman who is able to share her growth and bring together community?

Let’s rise together…

Over the period of 6-month we will be exploring sacred rituals, practical tools and practices for you to nurture your feminine essence and gain the confidence to start sharing your voice with your community.

You will learn the tools of holding sacred space and be initiated into creating your own La Luna circles around the world.


“The world needs more love warriors that courageously hold space for truth”

We have a great responsibility here on this planet as women, as mothers of humanity, as sisters, friends, grandmothers, and wisdom keepers of the earth to soften, to embrace, to love, to rise, to spark, to nurture, to deepen, to forgive and to make whole.
The birth of a loving world starts within us.

How many times did you go to a retreat and asked yourself and now what…?
How to integrate and share everything you have learned?
How often has your path of expansion made you feel like a stranger within your community…?

We believe it is time for all of us to be able to share the tools that we offer ourselves great healing with our communities and therefore create a ripple effect and long lasting change.

We believe this world needs more humans that know the art of holding loving space and create safe containers that allow people to return to themselves.

Our vision is for you to take our La Luna Baby around the world, to start creating your own circles,  and help to spread the seeds of truth and love.


I used to play small…

I’m so very honored to share my path with you.
The last 10 years I spent asking myself the big questions.
Who am I and why am I here?
How can we live more aligned and in harmony with ourselves, each other and nature?
I keep arriving at the same source over and over again: To live whole heartedly.
To be in service of love and truth.
What brings me most joy are these moments, when I let my head go, my hair fly, my body moving freely, my heart tender, wide awake.
In these moments all my questions and answers dissolve, no walls, no separation, only the pure joy of being alive right here, right now.
I spent many years striving, beating myself up, wanting always more, never satisfied, in war with my body and ultimately myself.
Longing to be recognized but afraid to be seen.
This pain truly was the fire of my transformation, my path became learning to love myself each day a little bit more, and with that my heart widening and softening.
To stand with my feet firmly rooted in the ground, not afraid anymore of my truth, my power, emanating kindness and grace one step at a time.
As I am unfurling it is my deepest pleasure to empower other women to do the same.
To see you break free, peel away layers of numbness, cry all these tears you held back for years, laugh from the bottom of your soul, and find acceptance in it all, is a feeling I can’t describe.
To see you shine makes my world light up.
I’m here to share with you everything I humbly collected over the past years, all the practices, technologies, and rituals that have given me the support to step up and unleash.
So you may find the confidence to share your freedom with the people you touch.
This portal is my treasure box and I’m proud to weave this web of love with many other incredible humans by my side who never end to inspire my growth.
Together we Transform!

“I believe all woman deserve to feel the same…
I truly believe there is no greater force than a woman that is at ease with herself, her emerging gentleness creates ripples through everyone and everything.
A tender wave of loving change…
I made it my purpose to support women on this path.

We created this Course, to give you the tools, practices and rituals to help you heal your feminine wounding, the support and community to integrate them in your daily life, and the structure for you to start hosting your own La Luna Circles around the world, to continue this mission.



- La Luna Spaceholder Certification
Learn the tools of sacred space holding, and as part of the curriculum create your own circles each month 

- 6-month deep dive into Feminine Wisdom
Each month we will explore a new topic together that will guide deeper on your journey of Feminine Embodiment.
Our monthly container consist of:
*90 – Min Zoom Workshop
*1-Hour Community Q+A Call
*Playbook with Theory
*Special Playlists
*Powerful guided video practices
*Ongoing Community Support

- Initiation Package
*Exclusive La Luna Journal
*La Luna Totebag
*La Luna Sacred Bracelet
*La Luna Ritual Tools

- Access to Toolbox
There is a video library of beautiful Foundation Practices. These are simple, powerful techniques and tools that are ready to guide you home to the beauty of your heart.  To hold your hand as you remember the strength of your feminine essence.
Once you make them your own, these will work as foundation practices for your Circles.

- La Luna E-Magazine
Be Inspired.
Receive our Monthly Magazine with everything La Luna Loves, from sustainable Brands over Astrology…

- La Luna Community
A collective of women on a mission.
A space to learn, expand and support one another each and every day.


The healthy spine of every Woman’s life



“The Art of Altar” by Miriam and Valentina Mesa
We will dive deep into the magic of creating sacred spaces.
From Altar Rituals, Over Cleansing Practices, The Secrets of
Manifestation, and Setting Intentions with Clarity.



“Blood Moon Wisdom”
We will dive deep into the wisdom of our Moon Cycle and  learn to live in tune with our bodies. By honoring the wisdom of our womb, we will activate our inner knowingness and learn to trust our intuitive nature. Womb Listening Practice, Monthly Blood Ritual, Moon Calendar and Cord-Cutting Practice.



“La Luna Revive” by Aimee Greenshaker
We will learn to nourish our bodies based on seasons and our Moon Cycle.
Together we will cleanse our systems for the month, and rebuild a healthy and loving relationship with our Bodies.
Cleansing Rituals, Detox Protocol, and Intuitive Eating.



“La Luna Revive” by Aimee Greenshaker
Get to the bottom of your story, meet your woundings and triggers, and explore what negative beliefs are holding you small.
By recognizing what’s underneath our triggers, we can find new healthy ways of     relating and are no longer slaves of our habitual ways of reacting.
Inner child Ceremony and Transformational Breath.



“The Ease of Self-Love” by Tanya Kazeminy
This is the continual Practice of unfolding, examining and releasing ourselves from all of the stories that hold us small. We will learn the tools of Best-Friending ourselves and how to activate the well of love that we carry.



“Awaken your Pleasure” by Bibi
We embrace our sensuality, refill with all the juiciness, get wild and create new neuro pleasure pathways. Breast Orgasm Practice and Sensual Date Night.



“Expansive Leadership”
We step up, become empowered and give voice to every part of our Feminine being, and discuss healthy Leadership tools. We Share our wins and experience from leading monthly La Luna Circles, and take away the confidence of sharing our voice and continuing the mission of seeding love and truth.


Masculine and feminine is present in all, and it is so important to highlight  that gathering as women is not about polarisation. It’s not about the exclusion of men or the glorification of women. Nor is it about victimizing ourselves as women.
It is about finding wholeness in our being, so that we can show up for one another openly in truth, love and gratitude. It’s about honouring and celebrating our differences. It’s about staying in touch with our ever- changing bodies, cycles and needs.


We create a sacred space where there is no pressure or distraction of attraction, there is nobody to impress... our natural hormonal activity rests.
An immense feeling of safety and understanding emanates which sets the foundation for surrender and transformation. We become present to our wounds and fears, we are able to express our deepest truths.
It requires incredible vulnerability to connect to the hearts yearnings, to be known and seen and to open to love.
Coming together as women is a beautiful step into complete self-acceptance, a life long, intimate journey into Self.


I invited 4 other dear friends and teachers, beloved La Luna Ferries, that greatly inspired my own path of womanhood.

Bibi Brzozka

Conscious Sexuality

Tanya Kazeminy

Sexual Evolution

Aimee Greenacre

Holistic Health + Natural Foods

Valentina Mesa

Architect of Sacred Spaces + Sound Alchemist

Let’s shift the paradigm…

+  To follow the heart rather than the mind
+ To burn in the fire of liberation
+ To love ourselves and each other fearlessly
+ To rest in stillness
+ To embrace the warrior sword within your heart
+ To feel and speak our truth
+ To collaborate and rise in togetherness
+ To lead by example
+ To create a world worth living in


“I came here to find community and like-minded people.  I found sisters, cheerleaders, teachers, support, mirrors, and even better I found myself. I found my power!

I‘m so excited to continue my journey with these new tools with this powerful group of women supporting me. I can’t wait to see how we change the world!”


“Being part of La Luna has been truly life changing. Sharing sacred space with so many beautiful women who have been courageous enough to step into their power, heal, learn, and grow together has been nothing short of incredible.

There is so much value offered in La Luna and it is felt truly. So much work and so much love came together, curated by amazing women to empower us, to nurture, and to hold us. To help us walk home. Thank you is not enough. I offer a lifetime of gratitude.”


“My desire was to find women who inspire me. To connect, to learn and to grow. My intention was to soften, to cultivate my feminine, and to get in touch with my essence.

I realized after sharing my issues and hearing all of the other women share theirs that we all ultimately want and need to work on ourselves. To be the change we wish to see. To forgive ourselves, to love ourselves, to trust ourselves. We all want the same thing: A  better relationship with ourselves and to inspire those we love.”


“La Luna changed my life. I was reconnected back to myself after disconnecting without even realizing to what extent.

My experience was one of depth and connection with myself and the beautiful inspiring women I was surrounded and supported by. I had the deepest internal shift and can now see and appreciate the subtleties and simplicity that I have been graced with in my life.”



14-Group Coaching Calls + Q&A (2000$)
Curated playbooks with theory, practice and tools (1000$)
Guided Homeplays (2000$)
Access to La Luna Toolkit (600$)
La Luna Initiation Gift Package (400$)
Retreat Discounts (400$)
What’s App Support Group (Priceless)

Total Value of Mentorship = 6400$

Early Bird

(Ability to pay in 3-Installments)
Join Before January 15th

Full Price

(Ability to pay in 3-Installments)


Enter The Portal



We believe in the evolution of a diverse and inclusive world and know that many cannot access memberships such as this.

The La Luna Scholarship Initiative has been created to support individuals who would benefit from joining The Portal but lack the financial means to take part. We pledge to reserve and fund 3 memberships each month to support this initiative.

An application process is in place please.


Will I be able to lead my own Luna CIRCLES at the end of this journey?


The mission of this program is to give you the structure, and tools to start sharing your own circles.

To start hosting your own circles each month is part of the curriculum. You will start intimately with friends and family, and later grow it organically for your community if it feels right.

Important is that we close the circle of receiving and sharing.

What time and day are live calls, and what if I can’t make it?


Live calls are on Wednesdays 10:00am Pacific Time. All live calls are recorded and posted to the portal within 24 hours so you can watch it in your own time.

How much time do I need to dedicate for the program?


We meet Bi-weekly for a 90-Minute live Zoom Call. You can attend live or watch the recording.

We ask you to use our guided video practices to start a solid home practice for at least 20-minutes per day.

You will have a theory summary and Journal Questions, which takes around 1hour per month.

Calculate 6-hours per month to prepare and host your own La Luna Circles.

I created the Curriculum in a way for you, that it fits any busy schedule, whether you are a mum or have your own business….

How long do I have access to the content?


For a lifetime!