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Living by the cycles of the moon
Honoring the metamorphic phases
Awakening elemental wisdom
Connecting to our wild nature
A community of women committed to honoring the cycles of transformation

Join our inner circle

We Are on A Mission

“The world needs more love warriors that courageously hold space for truth”

We have a great responsibility here on this planet as women, as the mothers of humanity, as sisters, friends, grandmothers, and wisdom keepers of the earth to

soften, to embrace, to love, to rise, to spark, to nurture, to deepen, to forgive and to make whole.

The birth of a loving world starts within us.

What Is La luna portal?

La Luna Inner Circle is the glue that holds all our magic together, our way to create a safe space devoted to transformation.

It is a source of inspiration and resources to help you along in your journey.

It is a space where you can be brave and vulnerable, where you can truly commit to your own expansion. A space where you are surrounded by a community of like-minded women who support your growth.

what is included with the membership?

By becoming an Inner Circle Member, you are committing to the La Luna Practice—to keep growing and expanding in love.

As a member, you get exclusive access to all our Retreat Journeys in person and online.

It also gives you opportunities to connect online and in conversation with teachers, students, artists, and collaborators from around the world.

The membership also unlocks our Luna Toolkit of Daily Practices, Secret artist-curated playlists, and Monthly Coaching Calls with Miriam.

Join our inner circle

a space for you with


+ Access to our private La Luna What’s App Group, for support, empowerment, and inspiration

+ Receive our monthly curated guide for events, podcasts, books and more


+ Monthly Q+A style Coaching Calls with Miriam

+ All Recorded and Available to you after the sessions


+ Luna Travel Guides: Travel around the world with intention with our global teachers family

+ Access to our Global Teacher Family: find and learn from the best practitioners around the world


+ La Luna Toolkit: Secret recipes of practices that have transformed our life and help us to claim our power.

These are simple, powerful techniques and tools that are ready to guide you home to the beauty of your heart. To hold your hand as you remember the strength of your feminine essence.

+ Access to special live stream classes/ Workshops filmed during retreats


+ Our famous curated Dance Journeys by beloved DJ Friends

+ Interviews with our beloved La Luna Teachers


+ Exclusive Access and Discounts to our La Luna Retreat Journeys


choose the membership that resonates with you


the curious

Access to La Luna Portal

Recipes for Transformation

Join The Curious Circle

$200/a year

Total Value of membership $3,800


the Commited

Access to La Luna Portal

Recipes for Transformation

12 Private Coaching call with Miriam

12 Group Coaching Calls + Q&A

10% discount on all retreats

Join The Commited Circle

$1,100/a year

Total Value of membership $3,800

becoming a member

To ensure we keep expanding in integrity, commitment, and alignment, we ask you to fill out our application. This allows us to get to know you, feel you, hear you, and be of the best service to you.

Once you are welcomed to our Inner Circle, you will be able to apply for the Retreat Journeys.

You simply have to fill in a short form and book an intention-setting call with Miriam. This helps set the tone for your journey.After your personal intention setting call with Miriam, you will receive an invoice from us according to your membership selection.


What is the story behind La Luna Portal?


Words of our Founder, Miriam

“I used to play small...

I’m so very honored to share my path with you.

The last 10 years I spent asking myself the big questions.

Who am I and why am I here?

How can we live more aligned and in harmony with ourselves, each other and nature?

I keep arriving at the same source over and over again: To live whole heartedly.

To be in service of love and truth.

What brings me most joy are these moments, when I let my head go, my hair fly, my body moving freely, my heart tender, wide awake.

In these moments all my questions and answers dissolve, no walls, no separation, only the pure joy of being alive right here, right now.

I spent many years striving, beating myself up, wanting always more, never satisfied, in war with my body and ultimately myself.

Longing to be recognized but afraid to be seen.

This pain truly was the fire of my transformation, my path became learning to love myself each day a little bit more, and with that my heart widening and softening.

To stand with my feet firmly rooted in the ground, not afraid anymore of my truth, my power, emanating kindness and grace one step at a time.

As I am unfurling it is my deepest pleasure to empower other women to do the same.

To see you break free, peel away layers of numbness, cry all these tears you held back for years, laugh from the bottom of your soul, and find acceptance in it all, is a feeling I can’t describe.

To see you shine makes my world light up.

I’m here to share with you everything I humbly collected over the past years, all the practices, technologies, and rituals that have given me the support to step up and unleash.

So you may find the confidence to share your freedom with the people you touch.

This portal is my treasure box and I’m proud to weave this web of love with many other incredible humans by my side who never end to inspire my growth.

Together we Transform!”

Why should I become a member of La Luna Portal?


Imagine being able to finally implement all the wisdom found during your retreat experiences in your daily life, and feel grounded and centered no matter what’s going on outside.

Imagine being part of a community of like-minded women, lovingly supporting and inspiring each other’s growth.

Imagine receiving guidance on the often confusing path of expansion.Over the years, we observed the needs of our retreat participants longing for continuous support and guidance after the depth of expansion they experienced during our Journeys.
La Luna Inner Circle is the bridge that helps you anchor your true self into your daily life.

Do I need to be a member to participate in La Luna Retreat Journeys?


Yes. In order to be able to join us for our La Luna Retreats, you have to be an Inner Circle Member.

This ensures us the resonance of our growing La Luna Family, and a level of commitment to keep learning and growing together.

This is how we create a safe space for transformation.

what other women say

“I came here to find community and like-minded people.  I found sisters, cheerleaders, teachers, support, mirrors, and even better I found myself.

I found my power! I‘m so excited to continue my journey with these new tools with this powerful group of women supporting me. I can’t wait to see how we change the world!”

– Kelly

“Being part of La Luna has been truly life changing. Sharing sacred space with so many beautiful women who have been courageous enough to step into their power, heal, learn, and grow together has been nothing short of incredible.

There is so much value offered in La Luna and it is felt truly. So much work and so much love came together, curated by amazing women to empower us, to nurture, and to hold us. To help us walk home. Thank you is not enough. I offer a lifetime of gratitude.”

– Anonymous

“My desire was to find women who inspire me. To connect, to learn and to grow. My intention was to soften, to cultivate my feminine, and to get in touch with my essence.

I realized after sharing my issues and hearing all of the other women share theirs that we all ultimately want and need to work on ourselves.

To be the change we wish to see. To forgive ourselves, to love ourselves, to trust ourselves. We all want the same thing: A  better relationship with ourselves and to inspire those we love.”

– Gabriela

“La Luna changed my life. I was reconnected back to myself after disconnecting without even realizing to what extent.  My experience was one of depth and connection with myself and the beautiful inspiring women I was surrounded and supported by.

I had the deepest internal shift and can now see and appreciate the subtleties and simplicity that I have been graced with in my life.”

– Jessica

Through a period of immense stress and anxiety, the practise of morning ritual that Miriam shares has helped me maintain inner peace and empowered me to truly dedicate time to protect and love myself.

The simplicity of the practises within The Portal is the real beauty! Knowing that introducing these simple practises in daily life can have such a profound transformative impact is a game changer for anyone looking to make a difference in their life.

– Claire White